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About this Selection:
San Giuseppe Moscato is a soft, semi dry, white wine that should be served well chilled to appreciate its luxuriant character.

Moscato is fast becoming one of Italy’s most popular white wine. We already see imitators, but no duplicators.

The Grape:
San Giuseppe Moscato is made from 100 percent Moscato grapes grown in the Lombard region of Italy.

Winemaker Notes:
The key to producing the superior taste of San Giuseppe Moscato is balancing the luscious sweetness of Moscato grapes while retaining a light, delicate character not found in low price imitators.

Tasting Notes:
San Giuseppe Moscato is all about TASTE. This is not a wine to contemplate. San Giuseppe Moscato is only to enjoy!

Chilled, fresh, packed with luscious fruit. At the same time, light, delicate and semi dry, nothing better to sip on an evening with friends.


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