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The first sauvignon blanc vines were transplanted from Bordeaux, France to the Veneto region of northern Italy hundreds of years ago. More recently, the grape is grown in the new world.

Sauvignon comes from the word “savage”, meaning wild. That’s because it is a prolific grower and requires the right management, soil and temperature to produce a civil wine. In the hands of a talented wine maker, sauvignon blanc is interesting and pleasant. Otherwise, the wine can be bitter, acidic and have a strong ugly smell. If over managed, it can be bland and uninteresting. In other words, making a really good sauvignon blanc aint easy!

That’s where San Giuseppe comes in.
San Giuseppe Sauvignon Blanc comes from vineyard estates in northern Italy suited to growing sauvignon blanc grapes. Then they are harvested at their peak and gently crushed to retain fresh fruit and gentle aromas.
We at San Giuseppe are dedicated to presenting Italy’s vast diversity for American wine enthusiasts to discover.


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