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Chianti is Italy’s most popular red wine. It is a truly lovely wine, unassertive, amiable and extremely versatile. San Giuseppe Chianti is made in accordance with the highest government standards guaranteed (DOCG). It is both complex and velvety, making it an excellent pairing choice with red-sauced pasta and meat dishes.

Chianti has been around since the year 1260. However, regulations have changed recently which allow wine makers to add foreign grape varieties into their Chianti. San Giuseppe Chianti is made the old-fashioned way, 100% Sangiovese grapes grown in the delimited Chianti Zone in Tuscany. Hence, San Giuseppe reflects the style of true Chianti wine.

San Giuseppe Chianti has a lovely garnet color, matched by an enchanting violet scent. The taste is neither too heavy nor light, an ideal fruity taste that is dry and soft with just the right acidity and finish. It is best served at 65-68° F to fully enjoy its fruit-forward flavor.


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