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About this Selection:

Chianti is Italy’s best known wine. Chianti is also Italy’s oldest defined area. The region was created by Medici decree over five centuries ago.
San Giuseppe Chianti Riserva compliments a broad range of dishes. San Giuseppe goes as well with light pasta as with steak.
The original formula was a mix of red and white grapes. However, those Chiantis are not appreciated today. Instead only red grapes are used now, of which ninety percent must be Sangiovese. The remaining ten percent are at the producer’s discretion. Many use Cabernet Sauvignon. Cabernet gives their Chianti an “international” character, perceived as preferred by Americans. San Giuseppe only uses Sangiovese, the native grape of Tuscany.

San Giuseppe Chianti Riserva is Chianti from 100% Sangiovese grapes. Only the best of the best is then selected and aged in oak for three years and made worthy of becoming Riserva.

Of course not all wines of the same denomination are equal. So compare San Giuseppe to other brands. You won’t find better.


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