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San Giuseppe, so well known for premium Pinot Grigio, is pleased to offer Pinot Noir.
Personally blended, like all San Giuseppe wines, the Pinot Noir is Gold Label Reserve. True varietal flavors presented with an easy drinking and fruit forward profile. San Giuseppe Pinot Noir is a perfect “every day, any food,” wine that can be enjoyed with beef, veal, pork, lamb, chicken and even fish. Depending on its serving temperature, warmer for heavier and cooler for lighter fare.
San Giuseppe uses 100% Pinot Noir grapes. The grapes are then carefully taken through the vinification process, producing a refined wine with a harmonic and pleasant taste.
San Giuseppe Pinot Noir is made in Italy’s great winemaking tradition. The result is a red wine that reaches a fine balance between soft and subtle and complex and bold.

A deep red color and pleasant aroma are offset by a dry, harmonic blend of black cherry with a touch of vanilla that stays on the tongue to produce a pleasant aftertaste. San Giuseppe Pinot Noir is elegant in the style of a French Burgundy.


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