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Delightfully invigorating, served slightly chilled, San Giuseppe Lambrusco is a lightly sparkling red wine that’s a great match for antipasto. Made in the region of Italy best known for its salami, prosciutto and parmesan cheeses, San Giuseppe delights with a fizzy red foam and perfumed aroma making it a refreshing summertime choice.

This wine is made from a careful blend of different grapes. These include Montericco, Salamino, Marani, Maestri and Ancellotta. Lambrusco grapes are cultivated on the Italian hillsides of Puianello, known for favorable climate conditions. The grapes are carefully harvested at optimal maturity levels resulting in a delightfully light “anytime” wine.

The grapes are picked by hand, usually at the beginning of October, then immediately pressed. The partial alcoholic fermentation of the sugars is stopped when the right sugar content is reached through different filtrations. After months of aging, the fresh fruit juices are put into tanks for the natural fermentation process that gives San Giuseppe Lambrusco its signature delicate sparkle.

San Giuseppe Lambrusco is a lively ruby red with violet reflections. A smooth wine with an intense wild berry and fragrant aroma, it is well balanced, slightly tangy and delightfully fruity. It is best served at a chilled temperature of 54-57° F to take full advantage of its refreshing overall splendor.

Try using San Giuseppe  Lambrusco to make a delicious sangria. No sugar needed, Just fresh fruit and San Giuseppe  Lambrusco. Pure and natural.


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